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2024 Business Development

From entity to startup: We Handle the annoying & tedious tasks that you need to be considered a professional Business

I Want my own business


LLC registration, Registered Agent, Business email, Number, bank account + address, Landing page(does not include state fee or web hosting fee)

Quick individual solutions


Choose... from a Logo, Capabilities statement, CV, Business plan, Business entity setup assistance, Branding Design Concept (Social Media)

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2024 Grant Services

Executive summary
Needs assessment
Grant objectives &
Budget proposal
Review & edit



Provide you with
prospective grant



Writes you a detailed
grant proposal and
submit ONE grant



Writes you a detailed
grant proposal and
submit TWO grant

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Website Development

From a very basic landing page to a website that requires advance features + plugins

Landing Page

This serves as a digital presence for your business with basic functionality, demonstrating your existence in the modern online world.

Business Site

This site showcases your offerings/products, making it ideal for business and industry professionals. Implementing AI + SEO to automate your site.

Advanced Site

You expect heavy traffic from site visitors, need frequent updates & advanced features like user portals and plugins.

(Does not include web hosting fees)

make it easier with our

Monthly Maintenance Subscription

Let us update for you! (7 updates/Month)


We will update any area on your website (i.e. Announcements, gallery, chat bots, errors made on your end)

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